2022/08/20 - The Caverns Amphitheater - Pelham, TN

One Set: Remind Me, Pure Saturation, Bridgeless > 2nd Self > Hajimemashite > 2nd Self, Fenced In[1], Bad Friday, Hurt Bird Bath, New Wings > Bridgeless (8:43)

[1] debut, original

How was the bath

Here’s a review.


Nothing noteworthy imo. Some fun segments, 2nd self sandwich was a nice shakeup even with a pussy ass haji. Cool to see some new songs and a debut. Bad Friday had some moments too. Really cool outdoor amphitheater in a beautiful setting with lightning in the distance added to experience.

I’m borting a show review during biscuits because meh.


Remind Me (5), Pure Saturation, Bridgeless (6.5) (1) min ambience > 2nd Self (6.5) → Haji __> 2nd self > a new song that idk > bad friday (5.5 FIRE), weirdo ambient jam > HBB (3.5) (5,) New Wings (.5) > abridgless

It was good not great, but HBB and BF were solid


Damn this HBB is one of my favorite things I’ve heard this year


Loved Fenced In as a stew but it’s just an awkward 4 min song live IMO.

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Bridgeless and HBB are both very good

Fenced In is such a weird half-song. Sounds like they just ran out of steam and decided not to finish writing it.

Ohh is Fenced In a re-work of the “pain is a motherfucker, one i can do without…” stew from i wanna say… Scemp 2x2??


Listening back to HBB at camp, it’s damn good


The video we’ve all been waiting for

To their credit they played it tight for the first time, unlike many of the other new ones

Yeah, I’ve slammed Always October enough, so I will say that this one is actually a solid debut and sounds perfectly good live. I’d be happy if it started eating up some Crucial Taunt/Roctopus slots.

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What a bland song