2022/08/19 - St. Louis Music Park - Maryland Heights, MO

One Set:

Day Nurse (JO), The Silent Type, Half Delayed, Small Strides > The Bottom Half, The Linear > Wizard Burial Ground > Nopener > Wizard Burial Ground, Front Porch, The Triple Wide

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Not to bummed about anything they played tonight for caverns that I haven’t seen a bunch already.

See all of you tomorrow.

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Looks (JO) pretty, pretty, pretty bad

Show was highly enjoyable, Day Nurse jam was sick and Wizard/Front Porch was a treat. Ben just drove us halfway to the Caverns, time for sleep.


Get some sleep Danny Boi. You gone need it! We bout to hit the sack as well.

Kinda salty about missing B1/2, Nopener, and Porch. But glad yall caught it. Just got got done listening to Indy and love the prov, but STL looks more my speed on paper. Looks like a ton of fun.

Smack Boat on the ass for me and tell him good game! Cant wait to see yall! Hope y’all old men got some left in the tank!


Is it me or is Front Porch getting played more frequently than past would indicate? Don’t mind at all. Gonna give this and the full set Munchkin sammy from tDB a listen.

Day Nurse was cool. Didnt realize they had been opening that up, so that was a nice surprise. Bottom Half got a little interesting for bit. WBG > Nopener > WBG was about as fun of a nonjammed UM segment that you could ask for. Front Porch was a nice surprise and they managed to squeeze in a little jam. I feel like ive seen like 5+ Front Porch’s in STL over the years. Always play it here.

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This Small Strides is dope.


Sure is. Wow. Awesome stuff. It’s been awhile since they’ve done dance party → metal dance party this well in a way that didn’t sound super forced. Things get very grimy :slight_smile: Do this tonight too, please.

Day Nurse jam is also a super hot start to the show.

Linear is pretty fucking hot

This Small Strides was cooking and would have been JOTY material but they got out of that dark dance party way too soon. It was an awesome groove for like a minute though!

I liked the Day Nurse more I’d say. The second half is the jam was :fire:. And BB locked into this grove for a bit around 9:40 range and it reminds me of something

Edit: the Jajunk from the 2013 stew album. Forget the actual show. That’s one of my fav Junks and one of my top playback jams

Me likes this daynurse jam a lot.

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Joel really tears it up on this 3x

Really solid set. Both Small Strides and The Linear were :fire::fire::fire: shortish jams, but it was really refreshing hearing these two. Enjoyed the pretty 1st FP jam as well. Day Nurse clear JOTS for me.

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is the Front Porch a legit flub or was the band fuckin’ with BB? Either way, band recovered pretty smoothly!