2022/08/07 - Salmonfest - Kenai Peninsula, AK

08/07/2022 - Salmonfest - Kenai Peninsula, AK

One Set: Attachments, Wappy Sprayberry > Phil’s Farm, New Wings, Bridgeless > Glory > Bridgeless, Booth Love, Pure Saturation > Slacker

Encore: All In Time

So they actually did play all these songs…


Beginning of the set shows promise.

Interesting looking weekend. Super stripped down rigs due to travel, small stage, amazing setting. Totally would.




Yeah, they definitely played all those songs

Standard attachments to start the show. What a let down.

Phils is pretty sweet though.

Oops! I did indeed. These track times are depressing :frowning:

Show’s a pretty standard fest set. Phil’s is definitely the highlight. That change to a darker feel midway through works for that jam.

Slacker is pretty entertaining though. Surprising to see a 9+ minute jam out of a set closer but all it really is is Jake deciding he wants to abort the standard Slacker southern rock to do a chugging metal jam halfway through (which isn’t half bad), and then the band floundering trying to get back :slight_smile:

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Really digging the Wappy

Edit: Also a pretty fat and adventurous Slacker, that kinda gets ruined by a tease jam for the last min of it

Other than Slacker, all the jams in this show are the type that max at like four minutes.

Ya well those are the best now soooo