2022/08/06 - Salmonfest - Kenai Peninsula, AK

08/05/2022 - Salmonfest - Kenai Peninsula, AK

Set 1: Jajunk, Speak Up, Miss Tinkle’s Overture, I Don’t Know What I Want, Puppet String > Hajimemashite > Puppet String

Set 2: 1348 > The Floor, Day Nurse, 40’s Theme, The Silent Type[1] > In the Kitchen[2] > 1348

Encore: The Triple Wide

[1] unfinished; with How Many More Times (Led Zeppelin) teases
[2] unfinished

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This set is taken from Twitter and the notes were kind of slapdash.
-Unclear whether Kitchen was finished or not.
-Day Nurse may have had a JO.
-Make It Right was cut from 1st set and Small Strides from 2nd due to time, AIT encore replaced with 3x.

Look forward to hearing it!

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Up on nugs. Seems legit! 16+ min Day nurse is intriguing


Yeah looks pretty good for a festy set. Day Nurse has been getting some decent JO’s lately. Improv in the first 5 songs is a good thing

I like it. Much better than it originally looked on paper. Solid B+.

B+ is exactly right. IDKWIW is the real winner here. The band finally takes some time this weekend to go into a more minimalist space and Jake sits back and lets Bayliss lead them through a variety of textures. Drop back in is abrupt but it works. I was skeptical about improv in this song working but I’m not anymore after this version.

Everything else is just a good supporting jam more than anything but I appreciate how they went full Bisco and left two songs unfinished 2nd set because they wanted to keep the loose mood going.

Day Nurse’s extended runtime ends up being a pretty big disappointment (they repeat the song 2 1/2 times plus take an extended drum break), but it doesn’t hurt the show too much overall.