2022/07/08 - Bud Light Amphitheater at Paper Mill Island - Baldwinsville, NY

2022/07/08 - Bud Light Amphitheater at Paper Mill Island - Baldwinsville, NY

Set 1: Cemetery Walk, Phil’s Farm, New Wings, #5 > Out of Order, Rocker, Seasons

Set 2: Wappy Sprayberry > Plunger > Maybe Someday, Kabump > Intentions Clear > Cemetery Walk II

Encore: In the Kitchen

Set was relayed per Twitter. Looks very Joel-y. I like! Segues are a guess.

Based on tweet times New Wings and Maybe Someday were standard, while Seasons and #5 got improv in addition to all the implied songs. Cool very random Rocker placement as well.

Show looks good, hopefully its uploaded to Nugs so I can listen tomorrow morning. Love Rocker…nice to see it pop up. #5 > OoO looks sweet as does that entire second set.


Damn was hoping for that Kabump on the stream tomorrow. Trying to pad those stats and I don’t think I’ve seen that one via stream yet. It’s great live though.


Second set has potential if the jams aren’t trash

#5 improv is implied at this point. I don’t think there’s been a standard version since 2014


Tweet times lookin good for Wappy Kabump and IC

Fucking CW


Second set looks great

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I dig it. Promising setlist right after the album release. Good looking show

Damn that looks outstanding


Surprised to see Rocker pop up again so soon

Phil’s very fun, dub #5, Seasons absolutely CRUSHED

Huge second set, requested Bump, great first jam. Even Kitchen rocked hard in the encore, nice peak

Great show


Love the Looks (JO) of this. Weird to see Rocker pop up. Would’ve loved to get that one off the list

Yeah that show was really hot fire. New Wings is as lame live as on the album.

Wappy was fucking unstoppable. Crowd was going nuts. Stasik’s bassline was fat as fuck. Playing in general was just so tight and dynamic. Lots of varied and interesting jams. The band and crowd were all having fun. Love hearing kabump. How have I seen rocker like 3+ times now?

The extras that were dropped… :sob:

40s also was cut.


Does stream count for song stats?


Ya’ll are all out here shitting on our new album?!?! Fine, we’ll just play all of our bangers then



Cmon nugs get it together I’m trying to listen to this show

Not telling