2022/06/19 - Gerald Ford Amphitheater - Vail CO

(7:10) I: Le Blitz > Remind Me, Prowler > I Don’t Know What I Want, Nemo, So Much, Glory > Miss Tinkle’s Overture (8:16)

(8:48) II: The Linear > Attachments, Comma Later > Suxity > Hurt Bird Bath > Domino Theory > Hurt Bird Bath (10:00)

E: Front Porch

Soft clocking:
Remind Me 10
Nemo 6
Tinkles 4.5
Linear 6.5
Attachments 10
Comma Later 7.5
Suxity 6.5
HBB 4.5
Domino Theory 4.5

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What is this, Le Blitz? Weird place to do an intro.

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Sound is great so far. Initial impressions on this venue are awesome. Some weird sight lines but I still really dig it.

This was before it started filling in

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Looks awesome but also a weird fit for jam bands. This looks like a place where you’d go to see adult contemporary music

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The trees right behind the stage are a nice touch. Definitely a different vibe.

Audio and video working great!


Can you actually see? Looks like it’d be really hard to see anything if you’re past the very front of the lawn

There’s a 2019 le blitz > robot world that fux pretty hard. Only time I’ve felt like it was used properly

3 nights of um streams was enough for the wife. Had to compromise tonight.

This is basically a Snucka jam right now lol

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The lawn looks sloped to me?

Ya that pic was taken in wide mode at the very top to see more of the venue. Here is where I’m at. Tough to see Kris with the pillar but I’m cool with it. Also always harder to see in photos than IRL

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Ah ok gotcha. That screen looked eye level and directly in front of the stage in the first shot

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Of course they come right out swinging with a 10 minute jam the night after I see my only 2 shows of the year lol


So far so good

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Just saw Kirk Larson, SF 2.0 drummer, rip a vape close up in crystal clear HD. Great stream.


Sunday shows generally rip pretty hard

Don’t tell my bort homies but I was really hoping for a Remind Me at Red Rocks



Feels like a hot minute since I’ve seen a Prowler