2022/06/12 - Champlain Valley Exposition - Essex Junction VT

I: Educated Guess, It Doesn’t Matter, Mantis, Miami Virtue*, The Linear > 2nd Self, Attachments > Jajunk

*with Alan Aucoin on drums did I spell that right

Just like this thread


Glad we can read the setlist tonight


Hopefully this is the first big jam of the night, love mantis.

might go type 2 soon

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This stream better not chop during the jam…

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Purposefully tanking the stream so I can’t accurately clock the jam? Genius move by UM HQ


SWIM has to run these third party audio drivers on OSX to output the sound so it doesn’t come out from his speakers so he is casting off an iPad a few seconds behind and the choppyness is coming from the actual stream and not restream according to my side.

Mantis is pretty cool so far though. Fingers crossed it holds!

Liking this jam so far. It’s your classic I-7 IV-7 bVImaj7 V-7. Nice and pretty. Hope it doesn’t end too quickly like chord progression based jams tend to

Fuckin nice right there

Uh oh we’re already peaking bois. Hoping for a big peak → new section here

Nans but it was good while it lasted, wish theyd let that B section go more tho

We’re now in a I- bVII bIII IV

Nvm we’re back to the first progression now. If this were SF we’d stay on the bVI and go full jam band lydian

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Just woke up and mantis jam ended smh

Don’t worry bro I got you my jam clock was 7:15


Good start, IDM was about 10 i think and that Mantis was solid. Now some DBS bullish

Stream must be a couple minutes behind we’re still finishing mantis


I’ll be back on my game sorry to let you down coach

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