2022/06/09 -Hartford Healthcare Center - Bridgeport, CT

9:56 set 1: Another plan of attack >evolve > RLH >pilin it higher > freeze 11:30


M1 is so fucking good

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tDB Twitter says Evolve

Funny cause in Atlanta, the whole time I thought M1 was evolve

PT says Evolve too.

Lol @mja271 put it in my head that it was M1.

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Love Pilin’ It Higher!


First you get paid. Then you get laid.


Love that song

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Much different version of freeze. Different bass line, seemed a bit quicker too

That bridge was way out there too.

Thats so many less songs than the UM set. Where’s all the songs?

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Love it. Biscuits are gonna blow UM away this tour

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Don’t we want Umphrey’s to draw inspiration from the Biscuits and show them up? The only time I’ve seen the Biscuits show Umphrey’s up was Holidaze 2008. Since then, it is like 4-0 Umphrey’s when they are co-billed for me.

I for one am hoping for more >s and less songs, Not rocket science here, we aren’t reinventing the wheel…let’s just stretch things out and keep it flowing.

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