2022/05/27 - Three Sisters Park - Chillicothe, IL

2022/05/27 - Three Sisters Park - Chillicothe, IL

Set 1: All In Time > Crucial Taunt, I Don’t Know What I Want, Remind Me, Higgins, Hurt Bird Bath

Set 2: The Triple Wide, Mantis, Phil’s Farm, Bridgeless > All In Time


Wait Summercamp is happening? I forgot this band plays shows

But seriously these looks like some legit sets, especially s2.


Even though I love Dump City and Resolution; I’m glad they cut them from the second set…that would have been too many bangers for one set and not enough time for any of them to breath. Excited to hear this set. Any first set highlights or am I cool skipping to S2?

Digging the Phil’s so far. Always skip to that song a lot since it’s one of my favorites same with Mantis which I’m going to check out next.

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Good looking track times in this show

Which one of you nerds


Had to be you, right?

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It was not, does sound like me though ngl


I hate to say it I kind of missed Jake chugs.


This reeks of an inside job!

set two looks like an appropriate amount of songs, was it enough improv ?

Definitely thought this show was great after listening to it. Solid moments in both sets.

No jam of the year but every jam is legit. All in Time was basically a Breathe jam though but had different sections

Highlights for me: AIT, Remind Me, HBB, Mantis none jam of the year worthy for me, but an excellent show.

Set one AIT, Remind Me, HBB all worth checking out. Really the whole first set, but I skipped IDKWIW

Wasn’t a huge fan of the AIT, but so many highlights in this show. Remind Me really takes time to develop its melody pretty well. HBB isn’t an all-time version but the 1st jam is pretty cool and complex and one of the few jams I’ve heard them do recently that successfully integrates a drum solo without completely stalling the jam.

Mantis and Phil’s are both as good as everyone has been saying. Easily the best Summercamp show since at least 2012, to me.


3x had me raise the standing desk and dance at work today.

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