2022/03/25 - Eldborg Concert Hall - Reykjavik, Iceland

Have you guys heard of Squeaky Feet?

Squeaky Feet is a new band, but its members are no strangers to the scene. Hailing from various different regions of the country and settling in Denver, members of the band have performed onstage with Robert Randolph, Dopapod, Twiddle, Kung Fu, Aqueous and more. The band’s sound blends progressive and psychedelic rock, along with funk-fusion and improvisation to create a unique and fresh sound. After patiently crafting their sound, Squeaky Feet is ready to debut and explode onto the scene with all cylinders firing in 2020. Expect intense angular compositions, relentless groove, triumphant solos and focused jams from Squeaky Feet.


Discounted tickets still available for their show TONIGHT with Aqueous.


Make sure to check them out at Cervantes in Denver on May 1st. #springfever

Also be sure to check out their newest show, available now on Bandcamp!


I: You Got the Wrong Guy > Plunger > White Mans Moccasins > Sweetness > Booth Love, Utopian Fir > Shine On You Crazy Diamond > Utopian Fir

II: Der Bluten Kat > Final Word > Der Bluten Kat, Half Delayed > All in Time > In the Black, The Bottom Half

E: Andy’s Last Beer, August > All in Time


Is there a vip set happening now?

Lmao thanks man this could really be our big break

Also that May Day show was a 2020 show that got covid’d


IDM, Red Tape, Blue Echo, Wellwishers, Orfeo per VfJ. Orfeo was crowd choice over Loose Ends. Dunno about segues.



I’d be pretty annoyed missing some of those if I was there. Pretty much all of them tbh


They never play this one, of course they bust it out at a VIP set

Same man. That’s whack

Seemingly the best song selection for a VIP set in a very very long time.


Is this for the VIP set list or being held for the normal show tonight?

Congrats on playing Iceland before umphreys cshore!


I was gonna do it while streaming it but if you wanna be that guy that does the setlist at the show by all means I’ll hang back and make this another squeaky feet thread.

Nah do your thing! Just didn’t want to have redundant threads

I thought Asheville was great. Personally, I’d take LMS over a Red Tape/Orfeo. Thin Air is one of my favorite set closers too


Good call. Yeah, that is solid.

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Considering pretty much everyone at this event flew a long way and out of the country to be there, doing a VIP set is super lame imo. Anyone who goes should’ve been able to hear every note of UM this weekend.


Agree 100%…this whole event is basically a VIP experience, IMO.

Also, to be fair, I’m just jealous. :confused:

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^ yep

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Wow I just dropped $30 on this shit