2022/03/19 - Belly Up Aspen - Aspen, CO

I: Wappy> White Man’s Moccasins, Milk>Fussy, package, dranconian, glory

II: Kabump> Higgins, Conduit, Bird Bath, Women Wine & Song> Mitten

E: Slacker

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Did @AgentMulder get his $200 ticket?


Good show, love the old school song selection. I will need to relisten but I remember Higgins being the best jam of the night.

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Wow I would’ve left that show 100% satisfied after the first four songs. Plus a kabump to kick off the second set?? Very nice

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I beat you by 2min and made a thread already. I will fight you.


You must’ve posted this while I was typing ha. Flagged the other. Honestly surprised no one else had done one.

Anywho, looks hot. Love both openers and huge potential. That 2nd set could be be huge

Damn I got tagged and the post got deleted now I’ll ever know

I like this paper setlist a lot. I feel like Kabump probably hasn’t opened a second set since 2005 or something. Not sure I’ve ever seen it. Lots of fresh song placements in general: Wappy > Mocca, Milk > Fussy, Package in first set instead of second, Mitten to end 2nd set. Good to see some movement. Hope the improv held up.

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How was the show?

Great looking setlist here

I was there

this is a fun draconian

Show was good, skiing is better.

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Everything got at least some improv, a few rip cords but all in all they did a decent job of transitions/segues. Higgins was the best, Draconian probably 2nd. Was great to hear a straight-up, balls-out HBB for the first time in a while. Great song selection. I complain about getting WWS all the time but it was awesome hearing mostly songs that have been in the bands’ repertoire for 15+ years. Hope tonight is another good one. I’m at the airport and it’s looking like we might be stuck another night and if so, I’ll definitely be on the prowl for a pair of tickets.

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Great song selection and a few solid jams so far. Wappy was trash but Milk was fine for a short jam. Nice to see a good Draconian jam. Feels like that one has been stale the past few years. Have to relisten to Kabump again but really dig that in the opening slot.

I was just talking about how I can’t remember a great Higgins that I’ve seen. This one is pretty memorable. Probably in the top 3 of what I’ve listened to from this year. Still could’ve been longer than 7 mins if they milked the first section a little more

Agreed on Higgins and draconian. Song selection and general momentum/transitions seemed really tight and smooth. I felt that the placement of WWS was a little odd and another slower song like words or August could have fit better, but all in all a very fun show with song selection alone.

Hoping we either don’t get a cover tonight or it’s a bust out. It’s been nice just having a diverse selection of just umphreys

theres more feeling in that conduit peak than that whole higgins