2022/02/20 - The Signal - Chattanooga, TN

2022/02/20 - The Signal - Chattanooga, TN

Set 1: Leave Me Las Vegas > Turn and Run > Muff II: The Revenge, Cut the Cable, Der Bluten Kat, Rocker[1] > Rocker 2

Set 2: Black Sabbath[2] > War Pigs[3] > Night Nurse > Bright Lights, Big City[4] > Attachments[5] > The Fuzz > Miss Tinkle’s Overture, Hajimemashite

Encore: Wappy Sprayberry

[1] Jake and Bayliss on electric; last played 2/3/18
[2] One verse; last played 2/17/17
[3] Last played 2/17/17
[4] Gents teases
[5] Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’ (Michael Jackson) jam

-Cut the Cable was rock version and had a short JO after the first verse
-August cut from 1st set; Padgett’s and Plunger replaced with Tinkle’s and Haji

Posting a longer review with some bits of my post from last night now that I have Internet again.

Chattanooga show was great. Good way to celebrate a 100th with first Rocker in 10 years, first DBK in 8 and first Muff of any kind. Improv was average as a whole tonight but still good. Stasik/Kris MVPs. Locked in solid the whole night. Jake rushing things was what held jams back if anything.

Bayliss rocked out too hard during his DBK solo, broke his rig, and it took 3 minutes to fix it. The jam foundation laid during that 3 min led to one of the highlights of the night. Once Bayliss did join in, some of that massively complex guitar interplay that only Jake/Bayliss are capable of took over with Joel adding some nice high lines over top. Jake changed course about 3 minutes later to do a more traditional hard rock peak. I was meh with the changeup but they really sold this peak. Solid jam. The 1st jam existed but was very much in-the-pocket type 1, albeit with a nice bassline.

Cable jam was really nothing to write home about but it was a fun moment. It’s a pretty tough ask to jam in the middle of rock Cable.

Rocker 2 started off with one of those Kris/Stasik infectious dance grooves that ruled the night, but the guitarists could never really get anything going over it, so it shifted to a Bayliss-led uplifting jam instead, which was solid.

Night Nurse was fun but very short. Paired with BLBC though, which was highlight of the night, it was a great segment. Not much to say about BLBC except another great groove + solid Bayliss riff + patience = win. Also, it’s nice to be talking about Bayliss this much when describing jams :slight_smile: Attachments > Michael Jackson jam was awful for me though, but the room ate it up.

I love Padgett’s but they had the room grooving hard, and that would have really killed the vibe. Tinkle’s worked here, especially since it ended up being a really good one! The 2nd set was completely nonstop from Black Sabbath through Tinkle’s - over an hour.

Wappy jam is a great uplifting dance bounceback jam. Very strong jam for the encore slot, if a bit unnecessarily short due to that. Don’t sleep on it.

Not an amazing show by any means, as nothing ever really got “there” except the very end of BLBC (and to an extent Tinkle’s), but solid improv, solid flow, and bustouts made this my favorite post-pandemic show.


It’s cool to see Rocker pop up. I don’t think I’ve seen that one since 2006.

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Thats cute. B4L

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But there were tempo changes

Edit: never mind I don’t wanna pick this fight just still during my Chatt high

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Looks like minimal improv but some good song selection. Wish I could’ve been all

during some Sabbath


curious to hear how a set/show-ending Wappy ended without going into another song.

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“Deny that pull” > big dramatic ending chord. They’ve done it before but it’s rare.

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Bright Lights is pretty great, song needs to be back in the reg rotation.


Agreed 100%.

NN > BLBC is a blast. It’s a shame Attachments got Michael Jackson’d.

War Pigs > NN > BLBC is one of my favorite Umphrey’s segments I’ve seen live. Just shows how the boys can bounce around genres smoothly.

I think I prefer this show over the Asheville shows. Setlist was very fun even if jams were better the next weekend. Also wasn’t inhaling 7% ABV beers before Chatt so that could play a role

1 year bump. Loved this show. DKB into the rockers and the whole second set gets a lot of replay for me. Chatt > Asheville was probably my favorite run of UM shows I’ve ever done

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Imo, one of the best shows of 2022

DBk jam was fuckin’ hawt

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I also did Chatt > Asheville and think both Asheville shows blow this out of the water but this was still a very fun start to the week and a show I will look back on fondly. I rarely rail-ride but I did for this 1st set and I can hardly think of a better selection of songs to do it with. Agree the DBK jam rules.

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Chatty shows always deliver. Love Rocker so I was excited for it to show up.