2022/02/12 - House of Blues - Boston, MA

I: Go to Hell, Slacker, Roulette, Push the Pig, In the Kitchen, End of the Road, Believe the Lie

II: Wappy Sprayberry > All in Time > Bittersweet Symphony > Hourglass, Bridgeless > Ocean Billy > Bridgeless, Suxity > All in Time*

E: 40’s Theme

*Bittersweet Symphony teases

Looks like Conduit as an extra

Can’t always rely on Twitter times but looks like Slacker may have been 16-17 minutes? Hope that’s the case

Did have a short jam but don’t think it was 16-17

Pig prob the highlight but I did miss the beginning of the ITK jam

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Anything noteworthy from this set?

I like the looks of that first set. Second set looks bayliss’d like a motherfucker

What an awkward > into Billy


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Aside from Suxity & Hourglass that setlist is oldschoolAF. Roulette, EOTR, Hourglass all surprising bustouts for a Saturday night. Definitely like the looks of that 1st set.

Hurts to miss these shows, couldn’t make it down for a variety of stupid reasons and they’re probably the 1st Boston shows I’ve missed in 10 years.

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Wappy track time: 10 mins



Kitchen was the set winner, slacker decent, and a good BTL. Solid S1


That second set is pretty infuriating. Huge potential for a Saturday night heater if they cut 2-3 songs.

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Look on the bright side hodor, any improv can make a sandwich

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Were there any mags sightings this weekend? Any cruises in a limo?? Perhaps he showed someone around the kink community with which he is so familiar???

They should’ve kept bridgeless unfinished literally zero reason to finish that song mid set. But Bayliss will Bayliss.

This show is fine. I might have enjoyed it slightly less than N1, but only slightly. Kitchen is jam of the night and better than anything they did N1. Good to see a really fiery dance version with lots of different themes and ideas.

2nd set isn’t as bad as it looks on paper - they make the most of the short run times in Bridge and Wappy. “Hot Joel” chants coming in at a completely random time during the Bridgeless jam is a pretty cringe moment though (but obviously not the band’s fault.)

I want to KMS after hearing the same girl yell “hot Joel” a million times for two or three shows in a row now.


Consistency is key. Joel, Joel, Joel!

I tried to listen to one of these shows and stopped because of that. It triggers my “screaming bitch from 11/16/06” anxiety