2022/02/09 - Brooklyn Bowl - Philadelphia PA

  1. There’s No Crying in Mexico > Miss Tinkles Overture > Mulche’s Odyssey, Nopener, Hajimemashite, Tribute to the Spinal Shaft > Out of Order > Water, August

  2. 1348 > Dance Hall Days[1], Prowler > 2nd Self, Hurt Bird Bath, I Don’t Know What I Want > 2x2

E. The Trooper[2] > 1348

[1] last played 2015-03-21 Seattle WA
[2] last played 2014-11-07 Madison WI


nice tinkles jam

was just about to post, well fuck me tinkles>mulche’s


Wish I could be streaming this tonight but prior commitments. Thought about just streaming the audio but have some good tunes already playing hard to switch it up.

Did they manage to sell 1000 tickets for this show?

Liked what Joel was doing there in Mulche’s, kinda a Yoga Pants vibe, but it was cut short or he was forced off it. Where’s Yoga Pants been anyway?

These jams have been short, but cohesive within the song

Old school setlist tonight


yep and again here

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Why don’t they play tribute more? it’s amazing song


They did play it a lot for many years, more songs in their catalog means older songs don’t see the light of day too often unfortunately.

no OOO


<3 Tribute, nice jam, coulda gone on for a lot longer

yeah i get that but tribute is so good

loving this set list, haji seems a bit out of place in that position

fuck water?!?!?!?

Mmmm Water.

I was hoping i could catch this again. Like roulette, I took it for granted and now I never get to hear it in person.

ok save passing for chatty. k thanks

this is sublime