2022/01/29- The Fillmore - Detroit, MI

Set One:

Domino Theory, Morning Song, Professor Wormbog, 1348 > Mullet (Over), Speak Up > Soul Food I > Soul Food II > 1348

Set Two:

Dump City, Mail Package, Come as your Kids, Miss Tinkles Overture, Uncommon > The Bottom Half, 40’s Theme


Remind Me


  • Wormbog had a nice little jam. That was fun. Felt like something else was teased here. But I just smoked weed for the first time in a while
  • 1348 was dedicated to @Buddhaa for his 200th… he requested Ringo lol
  • 1348 jam was fun. Sick bounce back. Ending of this was strange. Felt like the band didn’t know what to do.
  • absolutely loved the Speak Up jam.
  • MP had a nice little blues jam. That was fun
  • Silly me. I actually thought they’d play Electric Eel
  • 5 min Tinkles jam. Pretty fierce.


Almost smells like a Jake setlist

Congratulations @Buddhaa!


Setlist looks fun!


Ya def up my alley

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@iamkickinit how is the weed high??

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Sears Tower. Easy


Get outta here with that positivity PP!


This show looks like a lot of fun. Sure wish I could be there. Hope everyone is enjoying it!

Thanks for taking the reins on set list duty, Steve.

When was the last Tinkle’s-> Mulche’s? Would be cool to see that combo resurface someday. I feel like the last one I saw was 8-31-2007.


Love The Bottom Half. Such a great UM song and very encapsulating of their vibe at its finest


Thanks man! Two non-drunk shows in a row. Feels great to actually be able to pay attention.

Tonight was fun. S1 jams were great. Really loved the Speak Up. Jake was playing with something on his pedal board. Great stuff. S2 has been weaker but still fun. MP was a treat.


Gotta be one of the more obscure shows I’ve seen.


Really enjoyed the weekend. Nothing overly mind blowing but there was also very little moments that felt forced or awkward. They displayed a lot of patience in their improv, and the song selection was honestly top notch. I usually walk away wishing they didn’t play a handful of songs but never felt that way over the past two nights.

Nice to run into @iamkickinit and @Andrusy. Solid two shows that left me feeling nice and refreshed


Interesting setlist. Especially for a Saturday show.

There was a pretty solid Tinkles > Mulche’s from Boise 2011. The Tinkle’s in particular is one of my favorite versions of the song.

I listened to the Wormbog through end of first set this morning and enjoyed it. They sounded good. Hadn’t listened to any UM in while, Kris and Joel in particular stood out.

I love Wormbog. Such a great tune.

Some cool photos here too although I don’t know how I feel about that projection. Someone posted a video on Facebook and didn’t love it.

What’s the need for all that projecting onto background? Seems dumb

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I agree. It looks worse live/on video too.

Really? I enjoyed the projection live. It was a welcome change from seizure inducing shit that I’m used to with Umphreys. It wasn’t used a lot. Thought it worked when they did use it.