2021/12/07 - Now Sapphire Riviera Cancun - Puerto Morelos, Mexico



Now Sapphire

One Set (10:02): 1348 > Wife Soup, Hurt Bird Bath¹, Push The Pig² > Andy’s Last Beer, Intentions Clear > 1348, Cemetery Walk 1 > JaJunk (11:39)

Encore (11:44): Kashmir³, Cemetery Walk 2

1 w/Paradise City tease

2 w/Xxplosive and Let Me Blow Ya Mind teases

3 w/Kanika Moore on vocals

Courtesy of @Stupac

More of a Paradise City jam, IMO

Listening Guide:

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I’m not hearing any Let Me Blow Ya Mind teases in Push the Pig, if anyone wants to throw me timestamps I’ll fix it.

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The Junk was very good, but the track time is very deceiving (as you can see above). Good stuff, but short. Also, the sound is a little bit off on all of these recordings. Don’t know the correct sound tech terminology, but it’s flat and off a bit.

I assume Chris didn’t have his normal console for these shows, and the band may be using some different amps and other gear

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The Let Me Blow Ya Mind teases are present about 5:37 into Pig. @NikoEstevan

Is Pig marked as unfinished whenever they don’t loop back to the Xplosive teases at the end? Because if so, this version would be unfinished. (Great segue into Andy’s by the way.)