2021/12/06 - Now Sapphire Riviera Cancun — Puerto Morelos, Mexico

Dec 6, 2021 – Holidaze – Now Sapphire & Dreams Resort – Puerto Morelos, MX

Single Set:

Half Delayed, Crucial Taunt, Slacker > Sweetness > Partyin’ Peeps, Red Tape [1], Bad Poker, Higgins > The Fussy Dutchman, Althea

[1] unfinished

Listening Guide:

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The Higgins is pretty interesting, and the Red Tape is decent as well, but imo this Sweetness is one of the best examples of UM laying the groundwork for a huge peak and it paying off perfectly…and with a strong dismount to transition out. Even though it’s only like 5min it’s HOF jamming imo


I wonder what song was requested for that dude’s 300th show before they played Slacker

Hopefully it wasn’t Slacker cause if so I’m requesting something else!

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BB said something like “It’s ____'s 300th show tonight. They requested a different song, but this one is better.” Then dropped into Slacker. Just curious what they requested.

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Who knows man maybe it was Dan Marino’s 300th show and he requested Hollywood Nights.


Thought about changing my Twitter name to Ripken Jr and fucking with Joel


I donno that Sweetness is a decent jam but the peak is pretty par for the course for 2021 UM. Just kind of a generic feel-good jam with the peak being essentially a big Jake solo with very little BB presence. I really miss the days where BB would show up for the jams.

This Red Tape is pretty cool, pretty atypical jam for the song but I really don’t know why they didn’t keep building it up and finish the song, this thing gets aborted so badly.


This yelling of lyrics thing Jake is doing lately is so fucking annoying. Add it to the list of ruining jams with metal chugs or the same old teases.

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This Red Tape is panful. The groove they get going is actually super interesting and they flesh it out for a few minutes. They were at the point where even a sudden abrupt shift back into the end of the song would have been fine. But instead they just stopped abruptly and it’s rough. Did someone have to pee? :slight_smile: