2021/11/20 - The NorVA - Norfolk VA

I: Out of Order, #5, Cut Off>Bad Poker, Padgett’s Profile, Deeper>Morning Song, Smell the Mitten

II: DBK>Hey Nineteen>DBK, Whistle Kids>Kabump>Room to Breathe, Bridgeless

E: The Weight Around, Waiting Room

Weird looking first set but dbk>hey 19>dbk looks intriguing. Nice to see kabump pop up as wel

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This #5 is solid!

I love this song especially if it gets the treatment. Seen some really good jams out of #5.

Overall though I really enjoyed the song selection from this show.

For sure! And this one was a little atypical I think. More uplifting.

This first set (haven’t gotten to S2 yet) is really good. The #5, Cut off, and Mitten all very solid. This has to be the best 3 night run in recent memory. And I didn’t think N2 Richmond was very good. I’d be ELATED if I got either of the first sets from N1 or N3

Edit: listened to it all. A little disappointed in the 2nd sets from N1 and N3 after fire. But I’d give the slight edge to N3 as the show of the run and on of the better of the year. While S2 as a whole was meh, the DBK>19>DBK was very good. Set 1 through DBK was good stuff and about as much as you could ask for these days

Listening Guide:

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  • There’s Bulls on Parade full lyrics in Bridgeless
  • I’m tracking a Takin’ Care of Business jam in Whistle Kids, if people think I’m wrong I’ll change it.
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Well, that was fun! Worth the trek down to see a good Saturday show!! Personal highlights are: #5, Cut Off, Padgett’s, DBK sandwich, Kabump and the whole encore was a cherry on top. Good show!! Good jams sprinkled throughout, even tossed in a 3 minute jam in Bridgeless towards the end of the 2nd set. Seriously tho, little bounceback then > uplifting theme in #5, DBK sandwich is also worth mentioning.

Honorable mention to the Deeper jam

What a great way to cap off the regular season. Cheers to UM for stepping up and cranking out a few HRs this weekend!!

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Finally got around to listening to this show. 1st set is great - the bouncebacks in #5 and Cut Off are really fun, and Mitten gets a nice eerie groove going that is a bit slower than typical for the song. I’m here though to talk about Kabump, which has the weirdest abortion I’ve ever heard. The 2nd jam goes typical Kabump groove for a minute > random Jake chugs > Bayliss sings a couple lines from Freedom '90 > Room to Breathe. It has to be heard to be believed :slight_smile:

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They definitely shot their shot in Set 1 > DBK, so they were just cruising to the finish line after that it seemed. With that said, top tier 2021 UM for sure

Mitten jam caught me by surprise. Great 7 min jam

Def the weirdest UMoment this year

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It’s called “taking risks” dude, if you haven’t frightened people on psychedelics you have failed.

It’s provocative.

Intentional lyrical call back to Cut Off with Room to Breathe in the same set? “I don’t care if you’re locked out” & “Don’t lock me out”?

Nah that’s just Bayliss shit

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