2021/11/11 - The Truman - Kansas City, MO

Set I: Bad Friday, The Linear > Anchor Drops, Intentions Clear^ > Turn & Dub > Cut the Cable

Set II: 40’s Theme, Draconian > Partyin’ Peeps > Booth Love > Miami Virtue > Roctopus

Encore: Can’t You Hear Me Knocking

^ La Grange teases/jam

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@brooks is our man out in the field

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The conversation it started something like this…

  • Room Temp: 71
  • Dinner: three (3) hot chicken tacos with a side of banana pudding LINK Food Menu — Edley's Bar-B-Que
  • What’s on the other TV?: Baltimore Miami game, but more interested in this UNC Pitt game currently.
  • Opener Call: Remind Me or Seasons
  • EAD?: EAD.

I had a few beers at a very good local brewery before heading out to the venue. BKS Artisanal Ales is legit.

The crowd is amped and ready to go.

Dude next to me has the OG first Umphrey’s t-shirt (allegedly).

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Sounds sus


Venue name is wrong, please correct the thread title


Sounds like a hell of an afternoon! Keep
Us posted on OG shirt guy and his antics

Silent type? Damn I thought it’d be that or Suxity.


These Hulaween recycling fucks

Setlist says bad Friday…posts and OP incongruent

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Hulaween was their warmup for this MW run and KC is their warmup for the STL shows


Sounds like a bad ass

Kinda digging this type I jam. Lights look cool as well

Cause Joel stepping in and lead it. By the way, where’s Yoga Pants (aka White Pickle) been?

true, kinda a fan of Bad Friday jams. and YP has not been played in over 2 years. would be a great call.

Did you see where Joel kangfirmed Knox 2022? Gotta imagine TN Theatre.

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No shit?? really hope it is in TN Theater and not Mill & Mine. Was it on his twitter?

Sounds is muddy AF where I’m at. Not sure if that was good or not.