2021/10/08 - UMBOWL @ The Capitol Theatre - Port Chester, NY

Set 1 (Choose Your Own Adventure):
Miss Tinkles > Push the Pig, Utopian Fir (JO) > End JaJunk, Cemetery Walk II

Set 2 (Acoustic):
In the Kitchen > Anchor Drops (relax, friends), Booth Love, Divisions, Nemo > Uncle Wally > Nemo, Water > In the Kitchen

Set 3 (Band Choice):
Der Bluten Kat > Resolution > Der Bluten Kat

E: Partyin Peeps, Wizard Burial Ground

Choices for set 1 were…

  • Bridgeless (JO) > / Junk (JO) > / Tinkle’s (JO) >
  • Ex. 1 / Pig / Bottom 1/2
  • FF (JO) > / Utopian (JO) > / Thin Air (JO) >
  • End Bridgeless / End Junk / End Tinkle’s
  • Wappy > / 3x > / Cem 2 >

Based on UM Twitter. Feel free to edit.

god what awful picks.

When I saw that B1/2 miss, I thought of you, babe

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i’ll never forget the year jam like tortoise was a category and it got maybe 3% of the votes. crushed.

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Now your hate makes sense

I voted C for every pick

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Was set 3 like 20 min?

That 3rd set and encore would be by me, I dig that its already up on nugs

Just over 50 mins

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Junk (JO) > Ex. 1 > FF (JO) > End Tinkles (shorter than the others, gotta think second level here) > Wappy. Would have been my votes.

The only one I really don’t get it is CW2 over Wappy or even Triple Wide. Rooks

With a bunch of people in attendance and it being streamed, I’m surprised there is no feedback yet.

Would be cool to see UM do French disco. Actually anything in that 6th section that has a cool themed jam

Wow. This is actually a pretty decent show!

Literally no one could have predicted this






This 2nd Reso jam holds up. Certified @cshore

Loved the show last night. I thought the CYOA improv was overall more interesting than set 3, but loved seeing them play a set like that

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The Reso is better than anything from that set IMO


Probably is. Excited to relisten

3 distinct sections. Felt like they were going to > DBK but threw another jam after

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