2021/08/22 - Three Sisters Park - Chillicothe, IL

One Set: Slacker, Hourglass > Phil’s Farm, Jajunk, Half Delayed, Night Nurse, Much Obliged > E-Pro[1] > Much Obliged, 40’s Theme, Cemetery Walk II

[1] First time played; Beck

RIP this band.


I’d be down with an E-Pro cover


Glad @dream_focused got her 200th show request a day late!


Awhhh yay!!! Love her.

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E-Pro debut is tight. I’ve always loved that song. Particle used to cover it & I would listen to their versions all the time.


She’s the best

What was the request?

A 2 jam JaJunk. No idea if it was two jams or not. Doubtful

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12 minutes jajunk. Very doubtful


Was about to Google if that was the same song from the live album with Blackalicous. that song rules and so does Particle. Steve Molitz 4ever

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I like that they covered E-Pro but it’s pretty rough. Hope it sticks around though

This Phils is pretty decent. Doesn’t get too out there but I dug it. This Junk on the other hand…jfc. Great example of just how not locked in this band is right now. NN starting off good though

This was definitely the most complete UM set of weekend. Kudos to them, too, cause it was miserably hot out.

Also Ween is life.

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I misread your post and thought you meant the JaJunk was an example of how locked in the band was. Immediately went to listen and thought wtf is he talking about. Came back here and re read the post and ya… it’s bad

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E-Pro is such a great cover choice. Vocals are a little off but the extended instrumental, though short, shows the jam potential this one has, plus it’s a good crowd pleaser. Hope this one gets padded out a few times and doesn’t just disappear abruptly like Twilight Zone.

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It kinda feels like Jake doesn’t actually know how to play it. He’s not playing like half the notes in the lick

Yeah he’s definitely not playing the riff right at the start. It’s a little closer during the chorus but it also seems like none of them know the lyrics. Pantera - Walk’d