2021/08/21 - Three Sisters Park - Chillicothe, IL

Set 1: You Got The Wrong Guy > Looks [1], Mantis > It Doesn’t Matter > Mantis, Bridgeless > Glory > Wappy Sprayberry > Cemetery Walk

Set 2: There’s No Crying In Mexico > 1348, Divisions > The Triple Wide > The Linear > Divisions, In The Kitchen [2] → Bridgeless, Thunderstruck

[1] With Kashmir (Led Zeppelin) teases
[2] unfinished

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I can honestly say thats an awesome looking Saturday scamp set. Just hope theres a Joty Foster in there

If they replaced the jam section in mantis for IDM like it looks like, that’s fucking criminal and awful set list writing.

Yeah true. Damn. 2nd set is more up my alley though.

Im a fan. YGTWG is one of my favorite openers, also Looks has grown on me. There is a fire Looks jam on 5/7/21 that made me appreciate it more.

@gatroe Do you even like Umphrey’s? XD

I know we’ve been hating a lot lately, but THIS setlist looks fine. Nothing wrong with a good old fashioned heavy hitter festival throwdown. Certainly plenty of improv room here, especially in 2nd set. I look forward to skimming tomorrow.

Did you look at the track times yet


Yes cannot wait to hear that 8 min Linear and 9 min Triple Wide. Yawn.

I would agree with you if they would jsut write 6 or 7 song setlists and be willing to cut a song rather than writing 8-9 song setlists and cutting every jam off after 4-5 mins.

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I hadn’t. Big yikes. How in the heck is that 2nd set under 70 minutes? That 14-minute 1348 and 13-minute Wappy better bring it. yawn

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UM has been garbage lately, and its just so damn uninspiring to listen to, but this 1348 decent. However, don’t get too excited about the track time as it’s a finished version.

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Kashmir teases in Looks and Stairway to Heaven tease at the end of 3X.

Edit: Also some Little Wing teases in the ITK intro. ITK is - > into Bridgless and left unfinished.


Yeah August historically speaking has spawned some great shows. I haven’t been overly impressed with August ‘21, though

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In a perfect world I would like less songs more jams