2021/08/14 - First Avenue - Minneapolis, MN

Set 1: Gents > DBK > seasons > DBK, Cemetery Walk I* > Cemetery Walk II, (don’t play) Cut Off > Andy’s Last Beer

Set 2: Higgins > Miss Tinkles Overture, Red tape&, Room to Breathe, BLBC > Outshined+

Encore: Slacker

*Secondary ending
& Crazy Train jam

  • Soundgarden cover

Hope they double jam this DBK!


Thats exactly what I texted @gatroe. Placement gives me hope for a 2 jammer!

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I’d say the opposite. Starting set 2 maybe, but in set 1 I’m betting it’s gonna be a first-slot jam and then Final Word or something in the second slot.


Digging this jam. Nice groove.

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Good call.

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Have they still been jamming Seasons lately?

Not this one

SOTY tho


Jake just played the solo in the right key bro.

@gatroe knock it off with the spoilers my stream is 2 minutes behind you

Only until UMBowl 2 nights with the full fam and @mal throws a beer off the balcony


Pretty weak to not even jam seasons back into DBK.

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I’m flying out just to rematch @mja271 at mini golf


There goes half the set

Can’t wait for the fam golf tourney

I’ll make myself available

Also fuck all the haters. First Ave is fucking sick. On the left side ramp under the AC setting the table with @Albert_Ross


There is going to be only one jam in the first 40 minutes of the show. At least.

Silver lining is I like Gents, Seasons and CWI a lot.

Lol it’s never a good sign when this thought pops in your head when at an UM show. I’ll forgive them if they make an assumed CW2 jam of the weekend. Another one of my current fave jam vehicles.

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Party at the bar across the street from first ave? Wearing Chelsea Pulisic jersey. Say hi you losers.