2021/08/12 - Frederik Meijer Gardens - Grand Rapids, MI

1st Set: (06:32) Rocker Part 2, Utopian Fir > No Comment > Utopian Fir > End of the Road, Spires [1] > Africa [2] > All In Time (7:47)

2nd Set: (08:20) Blue Echo [3] > Believe the Lie [4], Women, Wine & Song > The Triple Wide > Hajimemashite, Prowler > Wife Soup (9:26)

Encore: (09:29) Dee [5], Roctopus

[1] w/ Walletsworth tease? Dedicated to Jake’s father for his birthday
[2] 79 Show Gap (LTP - 10/24/19)
[3] Techo Echo start
[4] w/ It’s About That Time
[5] Randy Rhoads- 649 Show Gap (LTP - 10/25/13)

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Let’s fucking go!

Edit: TLS’d…

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No stream yet. Thanks for doing this though!

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Working for me just fine.

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Was that TLS?

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Got there eventually.

uJOTYian Fir incoming


I have no comment


No Comment -

had to scroll down and click the box of the actual show you bought.

Really weird… No Comment in the wild card slot. If they do this properly, it could be amazing.

They won’t do it properly.


Maybe trying to redeem that total failure of a fir a couple weeks ago

Digging it

Wonder if they will get off the ground with this?

Jake wearing UM Red Rocks shirt

Milestone show confirmed


Short jam in No Comment>Fir.

This instantly sounds familiar. Maybe I’m just drunk?

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All about the #Milestones and #Lemonade around these parts.


Because it’s their usual dance jam formula, particularly Jake’s effects

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