2021/07/03 - Montage Mountain - Scranton, PA, USA

One Set: Leave Me Las Vegas > The Silent Type, Plunger > Looks, Hurt Bird Bath[1], The Floor, Speak Up[2], Dazed and Confused[3], Wappy Sprayberry > 1348, Glory > Hajimemashite > Glory, 40’s Theme

[1] With A Love Supreme (John Coltrane) tease
[2] With Dump City tease
[3] Debut, Led Zeppelin; with Kanika Moore on vocals

I streamed this show and…big meh. Way too many songs as you can see. Zeppelin cover was very good though! I think Plunger → Looks (as marked on ATU) should be a > because it literally went jam > drum solo > right into Looks. Plunger is also probably the best jam of the show yet again, though this one is cut a bit short.

Idk why, but the idea of UM playing Dazed and Confused sounds terrible


IMO it is kind of a shitty song

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lol I can’t believe they made people pay to stream a one set festie show


Festy’d hard. Last two shows I’ve seen have me craving Bisco ter. D&C was fucking sick though


Myers and Jake got it right and their sound was spot on but Stasik was missing something.

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I didn’t notice it but he was having pedalboard issues last night. Definitely derailed anything they had going in Wappy

He was having issues in Pontiac too. Gotta get that shit figured out

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Paging Sultan



Listening Guide:

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EDIT: updated date to 7/3 per ATU, not the 7/2 per nugs.

Definitely looks like the kind of UM set you need to sit through if you want to see Oysterhead


This show was meh city. It’s like the members were in different places every time it seemed like they were getting something going.
I’m holding this against my only other post-covid um experience, which was the second night of the Maryland shows.

This show gave me IBS

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