2021/06/19 (afternoon set) - Red Rocks Amphitheatre - Morrison, CO

Kabump>Thin Air, Conduit, Seasons

Can’t Find My Way Home [1], End of the Road [1], Susanah [1][2]

[1] Acoustic, just Jake and BB
[2] Dedicated to Jeff Austin

CFMWH Ltp 3/10/13 (696 show gap)
Susanah Ltp 1/29/19 (133 show gap)

streamed on Lively for those who purchased the three-night Tour Gigs package
Acoustic songs streamed via Zoom from the stairwell

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What’s this? I didn’t even think they offered VIP this time around

It’s the VIP lively stream

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Brownie is trolling in the Zoom chat

Just watched this back and not much interesting going on. Seasons did have improv and could have been quite cool if they had kept it going, though.

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Listening Guide:

For more information on this guide, or to make your own check out this topic: Umphreys Live Listening Guide - A Community Project

Acoustic songs didn’t get uploaded to Nugs so this is it.

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This Seasons kinda rips, shame its so short