2021/05/15 - SeatGeek Stadium - Chicago, Il

Bathing Digits > Mulches, Professor Wormbog > Similar Skin > Tribute to the Spinal Shaft, Educated Guess, Suxity —> Partyin Peeps

Triple Wide > The Floor, Phil’s Farm* > Soul Food II > Phil’s Farm, Divisions$ —> Fussy Dutchman > Mail Package

The Weight Around > Divisions

*Hot for Teacher bounce back jam
$ drums

After not getting to sing anything last night, Bayliss let Jake have the opening song


Zoom zoom zaya??

I like what Stasik is doing in this jam so far…

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Nah :disappointed:

That little jam was a bit disjointed if you ask me, Bayliss’ face said it all

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yeah it felt pretty weird

They are playing great tonight so far.

Loving the bayliss riffs in this Sim Skin


Damn, shoulda kept that Sim Skin jam going

edit: well maybe not over yet

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Very good Bayliss riffage

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yeah but figured because bayliss has some vocals in there too it didnt fully count as a jake song

Good playing but kind of low key. Could be the @smellthemitten20 effect though. Sound is very quiet in the back

Damn that 1st section was really getting interesting but i think jake broke a string and when he switched guitars they aborted what they were doing

Fuck yeah Tribute leggo

Aww yeah. Criminally underplayed this song is


Good feeling about this song. Hope they kick it into gear

Great song selection thus far

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Love how weird this tribute has gotten.

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