2021/04/10 - "Suwanee Rising" Spirit Of Swanee Music Park, Live Oak, FL

Set One: The Silent Type[1], Hajimemashite[1] > Atmosfarag[1] > Shine On You Crazy Diamond[1], The Triple Wide[2], Sociable Jimmy[3], Making Flippy Floppy[4]

Set Two: Glory[1], Attachments[1] > Den[1], FF[3] > Much Obliged[3] > Soul Food I[3] > Soul Food II[3], Dr. Feelgood[5] > Push the Pig[5]

Encore: Fame[5]


[1] with Andy on drums
[2] with Andy then Jake on drums
[3] with Jake on drums
[4] with Ben Atkind on drums
[5] with Adam Deitch on drums

entire show without Kris

Jake on drums and guitar jam before Making Flippy Floppy

Am I SERIOUSLY the one making this thread? GET IT TOGETHER EVERYONE ELSE

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Too busy wondering why Kris broke the band up


Ben from Goose? Wow this could be a watershed moment for UM

YOOOOOO … I was like hmm… then I was like HMMMMMMMMMMM…

Can’t believe this was UM’s last show ever


I love this Haji. Some serious 4/21/07 Haunt/ 7/4/07 FP vibes. Good stuff.

This looks good for a festy set. I’d take it. Too bad tha bois are done now.

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UM’s Coventry smh


hahaha this is horrible

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