2021/02/05 - Wrapped Around Nashville - Nashville, TN

Set One: In the Kitchen > Wife Soup, End of the Road, Final Word, Great American, Women Wine and Song, Uncle Wally, FF > Visions -> In the Kitchen

Set Two: Hurt Bird Bath, Puppet String, Stinko’s Ascension, Booth Love, The Crooked One > Dump City, Divisions

first set with Brendan and Jake on acoustic guitars
the live stream of the second set featured technical issues throughout, and ended during The Crooked One

I guess discourse now auto formats “- >” (with no space in between) into →

I really liked the dump from this show also final word should be played on acoustic segments of shows from now on. Thought it sounded beautiful on acoustic guitars.



Put a backslash in the middle

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I like this better. More streamlined for the future.

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