2020 Sold Out Shows

01.19: Brooklyn Bowl
02.13: The Caverns, Pelham, TN
02.15: Arena, Asheville, NC
03.06: Belly Up, Aspen, CO
03.07: Belly Up, Aspen, CO
03.15: Terrapin Crossroads, San Rafael, CA (Rescheduled)
03.20: Rockjavik (Indefinitely Postponed)
03.21: Rockjavik (Indefinitely Postponed)
03.22: Rockjavik (Indefinitely Postponed)

09.05: Drive Inn at SeatGeek Stadium
09.06: Drive Inn at SeatGeek Stadium

Any chance the shows in Asheville sell out? I know its a big arena but with billy strings also on the bill I could see this getting close

They’ve never sold it out before, and they even move the stage forward and block off a large portion of the space.

Isn’t TerrapinXR stfo as well?

No tickets showing up on ticketmaster for Beacon 2. There were some yesterday so hoping this isn’t sold out. @jwelsh8 any help?


That appears to be a problem on Ticketmaster’s end. We are looking into it.

Tickets are back up. Thanks JWelsh

@jwelsh8 - How are the Pitt and Columbus shows selling?

Also interested in this.

Northfield is showing sold out on TM, but I can’t imagine that’s actually. Just TM being a dick?

Just picked up two tickets.

Weird. I’ll try again

Asheville arena is sold out already for Saturday night?

Is that right?

I need a single!

Asheville selling out already with no ticket warnings seems strange. Surely they can un-rope off one of the roped off areas in the arena and sell a ton more? Also need a single :frowning:

Did Columbus not sell out? Or is it a classic case of Columbus venues(PromoWest) overfilling venues. It felt packed.

Definitely agree that it was packed. I can’t stand indoor shows there, which sucks because I live right across the street. PromoWest really is the worst, and that isn’t the kind of venue that does well when it’s oversold (with the bad sightlines and the awful restroom location).

That restroom situation is embarrassing…

I will say though that PromoWest is doing some good things in the MidWest. With their new venue coming to Newport, KY (right across the river from Cincinnati), there are going to be some very nice Pitt, Columbus, Northern KY runs.
Stage AE - PromoWest
Express Live - PromoWest
Ovation - PromoWest

Update on Asheville: a friend who lives there went to the box office and got the line that it’s up to the promoter whether they choose to sell more tickets or not. Translation: there are more tickets available if they push the stage back, and at some point, they will. Never fear.