2020/10/9 - UMBOWL @ The Capitol Theater - Port Chester, NY

Set I - Stew Art: Soul Meets Math Rock > Jane Fonda Workout > Middle Eastern Trance > Reggae Against The Machine > Mongolian Throat Singing meets Meshuggah > Dim Lights, Small Town > Increasing Tempo Jam > Smooth Jazz Elevator Music > Bayliss Compliments Joel > Zappa Goes to a Rave > Rockabilly Christmas > Who Dosed Debussy? > Evil Ambience > Keyboard Galaxy (Jake, BB and Stasik Join Joel on the Keys)

Set II - All Night Wrong: I Can’t Go for That > Once In a Lifetime, Mother*, Rosanna > 1979*, Señor Mouse, Sabotage

Set III - Band’s Picks: Maybe Someday, All in Time > Hajimemashite, Search 4, Ringo > All in Time

Encore: It Was a Good Day > Between the Sheets*

*: Debut


Thanks! Where is everyone now?

Do they know what trance is. This metal stuff is cool though


Mainly in um bowl thread

Home, you?

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Tuning in tonight. This has been pretty fun so far.

Edit: I like the vibe of the start of the increasing tempo jam


Loving Jake’s playing in this increasing tempo jam

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The positivity over the past day has me questioning what board I am on. I’m for it.


Well I for one though that was awesome. The stretch of Christmas > Dubussy > Ambience did not do much for me, but other than that i thoroughly enjoyed that set

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Transition into TH was smooth (feat. Rob Thomas)

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Rosanna is so much better than Africa, as far as Toto covers go


It was AWESOME I agree

Hell yes

@gatroe \m

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Myers is nailing these vox. But oh no just flubbed the drums right as I was typing that. Wonder if he dropped a stick.


Why do all the UM fans have stickers on their foreheads?

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maybe all of this is a cult… ?

smashing pumpkins rule tho

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Great cover. Jake has no idea what he’s doing

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in the land of a thousand guilts and poured cement, lamented and assured

so fuckin angsty

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