2020/10/10 - Drive In at the Speedway - Hampton, GA

(9:07) Set One: There’s No Crying In Mexico > Rocker Part 2, Draconian, All In Time -> Mulche’s Odyssey, Night Nurse > Wife Soup (10:18)

(10:36) Set Two: 40’s Theme, The Triple Wide, Hajimemashite, Phil’s Farm[1] -> Glory > Phil’s Farm, Higgins > Cemetery Walk II (11:50)

(11:52) Encore: All in Time[2] (12:00)

[1] with I Heard It Through the Grapevine teases
[2] with 316 and Eruption intro

Even the rain cant stop the 3 minute jams


Been awhile since I’ve gotten a Soup

Was that something at the end of the Night Nurse jam? Sounded familiar.

Sucks to hear bad things because that first set on paper is almost perfect to me. Rocker 2 get TLS’d?

Not sure but it was super short.

Anyone want to hook ya boi up for the second set?

Not sure but thought Jake pulled out an old Stew riff during AIT. Gotta hear it again to confirm.


40’s Theme is always a great set starter

Yeah, I thought there was something in the AiT

Tonight has been a lot of fun. No mind blowing jams, but been good flow. Happy for all the peeps after dealing with the storm.

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Digging this 3x

Very inspired playing here

Somebody beam Bayliss with a glowstick so UM can end their 2020 with some real spicy jams

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That puddle shot of Jake was awesome

Been loving this setlist. Only thing missing is a big jam. Hopefully this Phil’s delivers.

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Total waste of a Phil’s, but that -> was about as good as it gets


Wish they would have milked that Police-esque jam more I did enjoy that peak quite a bit.