2020/09/03 - Wrapped In The Round - Chicago, IL

Wrapped In The Round - Night 2

One Set: (8:03) Miss Tinkle’s Overture [1], Looks, Slacker > Miami Virtue > “Technical Difficulties” (S2) > “Rocket Launch” (S2) > 2x2, Resolution > “Underwater Ghosts” (S2) > Half Delayed > Den, Roundabout (9:46)

Encore: (9:48) Liberty Echo > Hajimemashite (9:57)

[1] w/ Hurt Bird Bath tease

my countdown is 30sec off so no spoilers guys


Front porch again!

This Looks cooks

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These setlists are a blessing for those of us attending this weekend. Keep crossing off these songs bois

You don’t like Slacker or Tinkles?



Tinkles I like but catch it too much. Slacker I could do without basically forever. Generic jam music bleh

To each their own I guess

what ever bro you have yet to ever witness my best (yet)

Really solid Virtue right there.

Makes me very happy to see the band playing again. Jealous of all attending the Drive-Inn shows.


Funny that they picked this one.

I really enjoyed that virtue. damn son.

Thought they were going straight into the end of 2x2 during that rocket launch, then they pulled back & launched from the beginning.

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Damn. Was hoping to get this in Chicago

Same! Would’ve been awesome if they did that

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Holy shit, this Resolution.

Underwater Ghosts = 3/8/11 Phils Farm

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“Hang Up Your Hang Up” teases? Or was that something else?

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