2020/06/11 - Live in the Boondocks - Niles, MI

One Set: JaJunk -> The Floor, JaJunk, August, Bad Poker[1], Night Nurse > Plunger, Speak Up[2] > Example 1, Dump City[3], Gulf Stream, Phil’s Farm[4]

[1] false start
[2] with In a Silent Way (Miles Davis) tease; unfinished
[3] with Mind Left Body (Kanter/Garcia) jam
[4] with $5 Footlong jams and quotes


@gatroe no brazzers hat unfortunately

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Yeah I forgot Jake is sponsored by Starz my b

I am drinking a certain amount of beers tonight, so apologies if I miss anything

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Mix seems better tonight.

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Definitely a little bump for BB. Joel still pretty quiet but better.

Damn getting a little loose with the floor intro. This is nice

I love the rare times they do a ->


BB vox need a boost

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me likey that

I joined late and it seemed better during the JJ jam, as soon as they went to Floor Jake was raping eardrums again. I need more BB and more Joel.

I definitely knew Joel was there during the Junk jam, not just a cardboard cut out.

Still too quiet IMO.

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I don’t really have a problem with the mix. I can everybody pretty well

Stop defending Mitchell

pretty sure he’s not there

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Yeah I know just wanted to throw a Mitch jab your way. I think the mix sounds fine.

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Seems to have evened out. Definitely more Joel

Hey all! Haven’t been to the new bort until now(Formerly known as bagelglory), but it feels like the right time! So pumped to see the guys back together and having so much fun.