2020/03/26 - Wine Not #2, BB's House

Watch here: https://youtu.be/mYQbqp7Q9NE

Remind Me@ > Puppet String, I’m Only Sleeping^, Polly&, Front Porch@ > Resolution > Hysteria% > Resolution, Susannah$ > All I Want Is You=, Release Me", Wellwishers, Harvest Moon1, Baby Bitch2, California Stars3, The Only Boy in New York4, (help me out yall)/The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down5, Every Rose Has Its Thorn6, Sister Christian7

E: That’s The Way8, Angel From Montgomery9, Home Sweet Home10, Romeo & Juliet11, One12

@ Unfinished
^ the Beatles
& Nirvana
% Def Leopard
$ 30db
= U2
" Pearl Jam (dedicated to Mirro)
1 Neil Young
2 Ween
3 Wilco
4 Simon & Garfunkel, on piano
5 The Band, on piano, incomplete
6 Bret Michaels, on piano, incomplete
7 Night Ranger, just piano, incomplete
8 Led Zeppelin
9 Bonnie Raitt & John Prine, w/ Annie on vocals
10 Motley Crue, on piano
11 Dire Straits
12 U2, Annie and BB on vocals


absolutely crushing Polly right now

This is amazing

Joel chimes in during Polly with “this is one of the best umphrees songs” lmao

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i mean, tbh, who wants to hear umphreys songs solo acoustic? #blueballs

Haha, I agree with you for the most part but I thought Remind Me was a ballsy choice for solo acoustic. We’ll see if he finishes it

totally agree. that was pretty rad.

ha! Joel Exotic.

Wellwishers>harvest moon was A+

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Did he do an encore yet? I seemed to have lost the stream

Edit: nevermind

you are killing it, by the way. thanks for doing the setlist!

Wellwishers needs to be played consistently.

Thanks man. I guess I miss live shows more than I thought

Any idea who originally did that last one?

Yeah, I knew that was a Beatles tune I just couldn’t place the name. Good call. That was fun

Didn’t tune in til Harvest Moon but that was a lot of fun. Will be watching in the future if he does more of these.

Missed some of it, but now playing Three Little Birds, Haji, No Woman No cry, Little Help From My Friends.

didnt hear it cuz I guess my stream dropped, but Romeo & Juliet is a great Dire Straits tune.

I dont think it was that, but maybe. The first lyrics were “romeo & juliet”

Narrator Voice: “… oh, but it was…”

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Oh wow, bummer I missed that. My stream was freezing up and I just figured they were about done anyway. I’ll try and update the setlist at some point

I definitely missed some tunes in there before and after what I have listed but Annie kept convincing BB to play more and more.

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