2020/03/07 - Belly Up - Aspen, CO

Set 1: JaJunk -> Mail Package, 2nd Self*, Intentions Clear -> Professor Wormbog, DBK > Final Word > DBK^

Set 2: HBB@, Ocean Billy > 1348 > Ocean Billy, Booth Love -> Rocker Pt. 2, Suxity > JaJunk

E: Regulate > 1348

*w/ Glory intro
^w/ La Grange jam & Don’t Fear the Reaper tease
@ w/ Footsteps verse

What a start, looks great to me so far

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perfect setlist for my tastes so far…

Custied up at the perfect time. Footsteps! Love UM doing PJ…

Wow. That came out of nowhere.

right? and ultimately just a tease taboot…

Love the countrified Birdbaths!

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the groove is strong in the beginning of this Booth… fingers crossed…

Second set has been abortion city.

That first set! Hot diggity damn sign me up ill even take the fuckin Final Word in there

DBK > Final Word > DBK works great imo. Setlist looks flame

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did not disappoint. Joel brought the stank to that jam.

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i really don’t like Suxcity yet. hope it grows on me, but the B section is grating…

i am, however, always ready to Regulate…

Damn that was one of the worst 2nd sets I’ve seen in a long time. Abortion city. I’d be super disappointed if I shelled out that much for an Aspen run. Hopefully they got this out of the way before COVID-19 ter #BMG

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Pair of huge 3 minute jams in OB and 1348, gotta love when they bring the heat for the last night of a run


This run looks extremely disappointing. Not a single jam coming anywhere close to the 10-min mark.

2020 has been a huge letdown after 2019.

Looks like umphreys sucks again. Hopefully umbowl gets cancelled

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