2020/03/06 - Belly Up - Aspen, CO

Set I (8:30): Red Tape, Tribute to the Spinal Shaft > Uncle Wally, Water, The Triple Wide > The Fuzz > Seasons (9:35)

Set II (10:02): Mantis > Ringo, Partyin’ Peeps, Miami Virtue, Kimble, Haji > Mantis (11:04)

Encore (11:07): Orfeo, …And Justice for All (11:19)

No improv (that I noticed) in Red Tape. Pretty killer jam in Tribute to kick things off.

Love Wally popping up and hoping it delivers. Getting a no improv red tape opener is less than ideal. The definition of blue balls.


Song selection looks superb

Spoke too soon

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And things were going so well.

What’s going on with this bort??? Nobody makes note of songs like last mans, bad poker or water getting played in recent shows. I feel like I’m on crazy pills.

Bad Poker wasn’t played that long ago

When did they play LMS?

2/13/20 (Caverns). Just happened to be looking at my most common unseen songs.

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Song selection is just unreal. If only we didn’t have that Seasons in there.

Maybe the best first-slot jam I’ve ever seen in Ringo.

Does anyone else feel like they need to have the volume louder than during the first set? I want to know if it’s the stream or my setup

Huh? Bad poker and last mans were played once in 2019 and water was played 3 times.

Yeah, you right. I guess I didn’t think less than 100 shows was noteworthy

What’s with the eyeballs on the backdrop? Not a fan at all.

I’d be super stoked about those first four songs if I was there. Not streaming but the show overall looks like it could have potential.

Red Tape, Uncle Wally, Water, The Fuzz, Kimble and wow Orfeo, all in the same show is pretty exciting. Weird to hear that RT didn’t have improv, I thought that’s why that song existed at one point…

Kimble, Haji > end of Mantis sounds cool to me, that’s a beautiful way to end a set imo


That’s a super awesome encore

That encore was the business

UC5 has come such a long way. I used to either cringe or laugh at every one of his posts; now the dude is speaking truth in sl threads. What a wild word we live in. Here’s to you uc5