2020/03/05 - Belly Up - Aspen, CO

Set 1: Higgins > #5, Push and Pull, Breaker > Cut Off, Can’t Stand Losing You, Similar Skin

Set 2: Little Gift > In the Kitchen* > Thin Air, Resolution > Can’t You See** > Resolution > Upward***, Plunger

Encore: Phil’s Farm > Cocaine**** > Phil’s Farm

*With Listen to the Music (Doobie Brothers) teases
**Partial, one improvised verse with many choruses
***With Hajimemashite fakeout
****First time played in full since 8/28/13 (619 show gap)

Streaming this show. That first set was pretty rough. None of the improv really clicked, and no jam in Cut Off essentially means 4 improvless songs in a row there in the middle. I hope Cut Off starts showing up more and they start jamming it again. The highlight was probably #5 which got a decent bounceback going.

No jam in Breaker? Usually they throw in a short jam there.

It was short and pretty type 1, although it was a solid version of Breaker. I’m glad that one has become a regular.

I missed half of Higgins but that was a horrendously bad first set IMO. The #5 jam did absolutely nothing and SS was looking good but quickly abandoned. Push & Pull Breaker Cut Off Police and Similar Skin is just an abysmal stretch for my tastes.

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Did anyone else just see Bob Ross combing the hair of the Bob Ross in front of him on the screen behind them? :fire:

Man, I haven’t been this salty in awhile. If I hadn’t committed to doing the set thread I’d be on my way to sleep right now :slight_smile: This is just rough. I may have been a bit liberal calling a Haji fakeout, but there was definitely something there. Ah well, I’m sure at least one of the next two nights will be great.

Edit: OK, that Plunger was alright. Bounceback with two good sections that never really quite came together, but they were two good sections (one with an uplifting progression and a funk/dancy pattern). That helped. Plunger always seems to help lately.

That improvised verse from Jake was hard to watch lol

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Whatever. I’m only streaming for Andy on the castanets anyway. Double Bob Ross is just a plus

Looks like a $100 show right there… :rofl:


Oh man that looks like doody

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I’m not hearing any Doobie Brothers teases in kitchen, but I think I’m hearing some other tease at 9:55 (again pretty sure not doobie)…regardless there’s definitely a Can’t You See tease in breaker (see guide). I was amped to hear them bring it back in Resolution for an extended jam.

edit: I agree there’s a Haj fakeout in Upward.

Is that Draconian in Plunger at 5 minutes in and again 9 minutes in?

I am hearing more of a Not Fade Away tease than any Doobie Brothers. 9:52
Almost Inspector Gadget tease in Resolution.

Totally agreed on the Not Fade Away tease. Definitely the Grateful Dead/Stones version more than the Buddy Holly original.

Cocaine wasn’t in full, fwiw; just two verses (not three).