2020/02/27 - McDonald Theatre - Eugene, OR

Set 1: Drink My Drank > Educated Guess, It Doesn’t Matter[1], Maybe Someday > Smell the Mitten, Bad Poker, Loose Ends > Slacker

Set 2: Hurt Bird Bath[2], Speak Up, Girlfriend is Better[3]> Ocean Billy

E: Remind Me

  1. Mike Dillon on perc
  2. w/ Domino Theory tease
  3. w/ Ernie Chang on sax

First set is skippable. Second set was a top shelf UM set. ~20 min Bath and standalone Billy in the same set. Speak Up and GIB raged as well.

The first set looks a little OoO btw

First real 4 song set in many many years?

Thanks. It was hard to follow on Twitter since I don’t have an account. I think it’s fixed now

Dear Lord…

Whoa that second set!

May have to give that 2nd set a spin. When was the last GIB? Seems like it’s been a while.

God damn west coast 2nd set bangers.

yeaaaaah! second set! PNW tour getting some great S2’s so far

what makes that set 2 so intriguing is the cuts on the paper setlist. bet it’s fantastic!


Welp, that second set looks like it needs a listen to several.

Up on nugs.

Awesome to see bad poker pop up

Ohh shiiiit

PacNW is getting heat right now. Are we finally getting the first real standout HBB in years? GiB is always good to see pop up

Teases at the end of Bird Bath? One around 16:45 and then another riff at 18:15?

“Can’t You Hear Me Knocking” tease in Speak Up.

Domino Theory. Thought they were going to play it since they cut it from Bend