2020/02/26 - Midtown Ballroom - Bend, OR

Set 1: Nipple Trix > The Floor, North Route > Mulche’s Odyssey, 13 Days > Conduit, Cemetery Walk > Cemetery Walk II

Set 2: Der Bluten Kat, Intentions Clear > Power of Soul, Draconian, Go to Hell

Encore: Booth Love

That second set has tons of potential


Agreed. A standalone DBK opener bodes well.

Def looks hot on paper. First North Route with a jam, yeah?

Second set looks awesome on paper, stoked to listen.

Really good looking show on paper. Hope the jams deliver

Der Bluten Kat is tracked to 27 minutes!

(Really like the looks of 13 Days > Conduit.)

This looks hot
Missed 13 Days by one show (argh)

Man that second set looks great.

Great North Route and both DBK jams are great.

Only through the first set, but North Route is fantastic. Super weird jam. Very dark and aggressive. Love it. Probably best version ever.

God, I wanted more of that second DBK jam! A bit rip’corded, if you ask me. By Kris, maybe? Other than that, this is a really good stand alone version.

(And I second what has been said about North Route. I also enjoyed the Mulche’s jam.)

Kind of hear “Dance Hall Days” in Intentions Clear. Maybe I am just willing it to happen in my head, lol. Although there are definite “La Grange” teases from Jake.

This is a great DBK

“Paradise City” teases in Booth Love.

Really enjoyed North Route, Conduit and Draconian jams…DBK is good but nothing JOTY worthy to my ears. Conduit jam is a real standout version even though it’s only 9 mins long.

Little vocal flub there in 13 Days. They kinda get to a next verse too early and skip the “Climb and descend…” part they almost get lost but they save it fairly quickly. Guess this belongs in the “UM is Human” thread

North Route is the real monster of this show. For those who like the dark, proggy, heavy jams, IMO this is the best they’ve done in a good while. The rest of the show is still excellent. DBK is solid but nothing spectacular - both jams kind of go in that generic hip hop jazzy direction, and the second one in particular they have a hard time developing beyond the main riff. Enjoyable listening though.

Both Conduit and CW2 are great atypical versions even with their short lengths. The way CW2 breaks down into a slower sludgier tempo and gradually transitions back into the ending is prime UM.

May be SOTY so far imo. It’s between this and Ft Wayne.

Either way, it’s a very good show. North Route is the bidness