2020/02/12 - Graceland Soundstage - Memphis, TN

Set 1: 40s Theme > White Man’s Mocassins, Got Your Milk (Right Here) -> Out of Order > No Diablo, Soul Food II > Women Wine & Song > Higgins

Set 2: Nothing Too Fancy > Much Obliged > Hajimemashite, Ringo > Wife Soup, Linear > Nothing Too Fancy

E: Graceland$ > Glory

$ Paul Simon. LTP 10/1/10 (942 show gap)

Loving the dog selection so far.

I spoke too soon.

Sublime Higgins jam.


Sick N2F

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It got weird, that’s for sure.

Just straight wankery for the last 20 minutes.

Loving this ringo

God damn some tasty yams in this show. This Linear is the heat for being so late in the set!

I love the song selection and I’m not afraid to say it. Damn that looks fun from start to finish.

Should have seen Graceland coming - would absolutely love to catch that tune live.

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Encore should be Graceland > Glory, per twitter

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N2F is super weird. Wow. Not sure I liked it but I love that they were willing to go that far out. 2nd half of milk jam is good and ringo jam is top notch. Ringo probably won’t be JOTY but it instantly jumped out to me. Linear>n2f is so disappointing as there isn’t even a return to N2F jam, could’ve really done something cool by adding an extra theme of improv to separate linear improv and n2f ending improv. Oh well.

Glad other peeps enjoyed that. Was not a fan of the second set at all except for The Linear. Just sounded like Jake standing around making noises in every song instead of locking into any type of groove. I’m all for weird when it has a purpose, but that was just boring. Perfect example of why I took a long break from UM. Guess it wasn’t long enough.

You don’t like getting jaked off???

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I actually thought the first half of the Milk jam was great/interesting and I thought it was really going somewhere. Then they pivoted and a majority of the jam gave me blue balls

The Higgins jam is indeed sublime

Yeah what in the… I agree, good for them for getting weird and exploratory. But that was not my jam.

Hmm. I really liked the N2F

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