2020/02/01 Detroit, MI - Night 2

You’ve got the wrong guy > mulches, anchor drops, make it right, Kabump > sociable Jimmy, the Pequod > day nurse

Phil’s farm > suckcity > lenny, believe the lie, jajunk, August

E: bullshit anthem > end jajunk

Transitions may not be accurate a little distracted


Sociable jam was dope.

KaBump>Sociable Jimmy must listen. And now Pequod?


Tuned in at the start of kabump so the rest is just from twitter. I miss anything? Was mulche standard dub farts?



They’re fucking around with pedals tonight

I dig it

Stasik musta got a crunchy new pedal board after last night he’s dropping some cool tones

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End of this set was legit

Hell yeah man. Thanks for rocking the sl thread with me haha

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Wow Kabump>sociable is enticing.

It’s a fire segment.

No doubt. Gonna walk the dog and be back. thanks for running the board.

First set was really good. I love the kabump> jimmy. The transition was so good

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Checked out for a sec is 1000 places the start of set

Tonight’s second set spoiler, courtesy of Kris’ bad setlist placement:


The Linear, August, Bullshit Anthem > end Junk to end 2nd set

:slight_smile: I’m pretty sure they’re just playing a clip of 1000 Places and that’s not actually part of the show. They played 1000 Places in Detroit last year, so that would be pretty strange.

Sociable was absolutely huge

I think it was sociable. Something was massive in the first set

Hahaha okay thanks. Fucking ads

It is overkill how tourgigs plays UM during UM setbreak…