2020/01/30 Center Stage - Northfield Park, OH

Set 1 (8:32) Room to Breathe, Intentions Clear > Forks, Push and Pull, Hey 19*, #5, 40s Theme (9:37)

Set 2 (10:13) Silent Type, ALB > Tinkles, Booth Love, Wappy > Reso > Upward


  • w/ Jamie Shields in keys

Hey 19 w/ Jamie Shields? Sounds dope

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End of 2nd set looks awesome from Hey 19 on. Everything else I’m glad is off the table for Detroit shows

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It’s not 2019 anymore ops. Hindsight is 2020


Show was just alright

Wow, show’s already up. I like the ALB intro, they faded into it almost like the album version. Something different, kinda reminds me of that 2005 show from the Barrymore where they did the album intro of ALB fakeout > Uncle Wally. Definitely a creative idea, even written on the setlist (dark stage intro)

Will never stop being pumped when a show goes up before I get into work. Makes the mornings a hell of a lot more tolerable.

Listened to bits of this at the gym this morning. Tinkles is a nice version.

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Wow. I really hated that sit in

This Silent Type is really good, not super long or anything, but the grimy dance beat at 7:45 is great, just could have gone for a few more mins of it.

Hell yeah Tinkles is so dope, more deep dark textured dance.

First three or four notes of Jake’s little solo in Wappy tricked me into thinking they were gonna do a Blackbird (Beatles) jam. This is a pretty bizarre bounce back Stew, between that medieval Jake solo A section and a more typical Wappy jam B section.

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I thought the same thing. Think I gave this one too hard of a time. Pretty solid show with shorter jams sprinkled throughout

Holy shit this an awesome Tinkles. In JOTY range for sure.

This Wappy is also great. Nice string of shows for UM.

Really liked the Tinkles other than that this show is kinda meh for me. Thought theres was gonna be a Blackbird for sure

I think #5 has a tease of something from Tool around 4-6 minutes. Maybe Invincible?

Just listened. It reminds me of the heavy breakdown at the end of Invincible but I don’t think it’s actually intentional. Just my opinion, of course.

Yah, it sounds very Tool-ish (mathy cadence). Was wondering if someone here more familiar with Tool could pinpoint an actual tease or if it is coincidental, as you say.

I remember thinking it sounded a lot like Tool and a little like Primus. Was cool