2020/01/29 - The Clyde Theater - Ft. Wayne, IN

Set I (8:29pm): Attachments > 2nd Self, Triangle Tear > Thin Air, Nemo -> White Man’s Moccasins > Nemo, Uncommon > Frankie Zombie (9:35pm)

Set II (10:07pm): Bridgeless -> Cocaine [1] > Cut the Cable [2] > Kimble, I Wanna Be Your Lover [3], Draconian, The Floor (11:14pm)

Encore: Hangover > Bridgeless

[1] - J.J. Cale; incomplete
[2] - OG
[3] - Prince

Let’s goooo

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That Jake chug really killed what would’ve lead to a really nice peak

Pony rocking the Kobe jersey.


Loving this stew in Nemo so far

That was beautiful. Nice segue too

That was JOTY so far for me. Heavily composed, but that was fantastic

Agreed on all fronts. Definitely a -> into WMM.


I slack on the ->’s

Jake may have had it down in advance, but the rest of them definitely figured it out in the moment.

Love how empty this place is.

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Cocaine is actually J.J. Cale.
LTP 2013/08/28 - 606 Shows


Love the OG Cable so much more than fast.


Great segment here. Whatever’s going on out of this ctc is dope

This is the sauce right here ladies and gents

Well that was super weird and awesome

I love when they cut to just Joel and make him segue to a song on a different keyboard. Always super awkward

That was so good. The tone Jake was using, the overall vibe.

That’s how you open a second set.

This second set is stupid good/fun

Strange way to get out of the draco jam, but that was fun