2020/01/19 - Brooklyn Bowl - Brooklyn, NY

Set 1 (8:35) : Looks, YYZ (intro) > Fussy Dutchman, Maybe Someday > Got Your Milk (Right Here) -> Walletsworth, Domino Theory, Miss Tinkles Overture > Tribulations > Tinkles

Set 2 (10:17) : Front Porch > Resolution > Front Porch, 40s Theme, Miami Virtue -> Out of Order > Gulf Stream, The Floor

E (11:35) : Phil’s Farm > Suxity > Phil’s Farm

Great YYZ fakeout into fussy.


Wonder if they will finish it

Reckon they do

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U there?


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Good jam in Milk.

And a very nice -> Walletsworth

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This Domino has some heat to it

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Really digging what Jake is playing in this Domino jam

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Amazing Domino. Jam of the weekend so far. Stasik just aborted it but still.

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That was a tasty little treat.

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HBB teases in the Domino?

Yeah I got that vibe too. Sounded like they were ending an HBB jam back into the composed part.

Nice transition into Tribulations

Tributions! Nice to see that pop up again.


Solid set

Ok set I guess, I hope 2nd set they open some more stuff up. Nothing to crazy improv wise. Domino was solid

That was fun from the comfort of my home. And I’m in full support of Ween during setbreak