2020/01/18- Beacon Theater- New York

I: End of the road>1348>Crucial Taunt, Syncopated Strangers>Nothing too Fancy, Seasons, it’s about that time*

II: Limelight^, DBK>Higgins>DBK, Booth Love$, All in Time%

E: Last Train Home>1348

*with Mike Stern and Leni Stern on Guitars
^Debut- Rush
$ Jake on keys
% spirit of the radio (Rush) Jam

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@Professor_Shuapop theres your EOTR

Cool to see them bust out Seasons for once.


Anyone know who sang the Rush tune?

La Villa Strangiato at Brooklyn Bowl to finish the Rush weekend?


Fucking please

Hahahah I was gonna say, first set was dream setlist writing until seasons.

Oh shit Mike Stern

Mike Stern?!? Also this setlist looks BONKERS

5 song 2nd set in NYC on a Saturday niiiiight. Who woulda thought

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Dbk and AIT eat a lot of set so meh at 5 songs

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Fun show. Last Train Home is such a great tune, really loved hearing that in the encore

Fantastic show. Nice to see them throw down like that on a Saturday in NYC

Syncopated had a great Bright Lights jam but from what I can remember, Higgins was the song of the night. DBK, Booth and AIT all had quality improv as well

Yep hoping it comes back out in Asheville

Cool to hear some actual type 2 improv in Booth.

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Myers is the fucking man. Handling drums and vox on a god damn Rush song.


Agreed, I thought last night was much improved from night one. 2nd set was locked in and enjoyed all the improv.

looks like a substantially long jam too.

This to me is very close to fantasy setlist material right here. Take out just a few tunes and I absolutely love this on paper. Excited to hear