2020/01/17- Beacon Theater- New York

I: Unsung Hero>Jajunk> Ocean Billy, Speak up, Wizard>Deeper>Den>Wizard, Anthem*

II: Suxity>Jajunk, Breaker, Wappy>Mulches, Half Delayed> It Doesn’t Matter

E: The Weight Around>Silent Type

*Debut- Rush with Kanika Moore on vocals

Via UM Twitter.

Awesome call on Anthem. Fuck yeah

Suxity in back to back shows eh

No horns this time I guess. This isn’t the first time they’ve done that with a new song.

Two shows three weeks apart have the same song song that was just released as a single this week…yes, shocking.

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It had a jam out of the end. Worth a listen.

Lots of yams this show.

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You running Twatter this evening from venue?

Tweet times make Wappy Mulches look very promising

I am.

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Wappy & Mulches both deliver, in spades. Holy crap

Fire 2020 setlist. Unsung hero opener. Anthem w/ Kanika. Suxity, IDM, Breaker…interested to see how the Wizard>Deeper>Den>Wizard section plays out. Can’t wait to listen.

Bron gets more jaded by the second.

Good to see Weight Around pop up

Den > the light pretty coda of WBG was beautiful

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Passed on the beacon this year. Glad I missed the billy but otherwise this show is right up my alley. Damn.

Looks like a Beacon setlist. Lots of songs in general; lots of newer stuff. Happy to hear Wappy > Mulche’s was good. Did Mulche’s finally get something beyond the standard dub jam?

The WBG segment looks great. WBG > Den > WBG has always been a dream segment for me, so I suppose I’ll tolerate Deeper in the mix there as well :slight_smile:

Keep Jamtachments, Dump, and Wormbog for BK Bowl please

Awesome Mulche’s. Some of you may not like it, pretty cshore material. Either way I’m glad to see them actually fucking do something with Mulche’s for the first time in like 5 years.

On the Wappy now. The More than Words fakeout is funny. Props to denim dan

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