2019/12/27 - The Fillmore - Denver, CO

I: Flamethrower>Attachments, Puppet String>Soul Food I>Soul Food II>Puppet String, the crooked one> All Things Ninja*

II: Hurt Bird Bath(1), Wife Soup, Muff 2: the revenge, full frontal!>Day Nurse, unchained(2), Search 4, August

E: Baba O’Riley(3)

Everyone get home safely and Have a Fun New Years!

*Last Ninja 10-18-18 101 Show Gap
(1) La grange jam- ZZ Top
! last full frontal 1-14-17 267 show gap
(2) Van Halen (debut)
(3) the who

SF 1 and 2 and now Crooked One in the first set. Nice.

I know I think I’ve been updating it correctly? Still getting used to new site on my phone.

Haha fixed, sorry been hitting the beers and dabs a tad to hard on my couch.

Also tour gigs fuck off with these visual effects on the screen like the old shitty dead tapes always had.

Guess tonight is bust out night



Really fun set so far. Decent jams and bust outs.

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Wonder how far into the catalogue they’ll dig? Kat’s Tune tonight?

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My first Ninja. Fuck yeah. SF I/II was a treat. Also my first Crooked in like 10 years. Solid start boys.

Solid set. They really tried to go somewhere huge with that Crooked but just couldn’t quite pull it off with getting everyone to gel. The Joel-led uplifting part might have been a bit too complicated for the rest of the band to follow. Still fun to listen to them try though. Puppet funk was a ton of fun as well. Ninja sounded great!

That was so fun. :skull: :rose: :spider_web:

Ha! Like anything Joel could do is “too complicated” for the band :rofl:


Yeeee Fucking Haw…

Last Full Frontal 1-14-17 (267 show gap)!

Was about to say this is the biggest bust out yet


Man Ninja in all of its glory.