2019/10/31 - The Anthem - Washington, DC

2019/10/31 - The Anthem - Washington, DC

Set I (8:31): Synchronicity II [1], Bridgeless > Ocean Billy, Regatta De Blanc [1] > Utopian Fir > The Fuzz > Utopian Fir [2] > Night Nurse > Message in a Bottle [3] (9:44)

Set II (10:17): Dump City, Spirits in the Material World [1], Draconian [4] > Kula, Can’t Stand Losing You [1] > Nothing Too Fancy [2] > King of Pain [1] > Bridgeless (11:34)

E (11:39): Every Little Thing She Does is Magic [1] > Hajimemashite (11:50)

[1] Debut; The Police
[2] Unfinished
[3] LTP 08/12/2010; 931 shows
[4] Crazy Train tease

Band dressed up as The Police

Forgot how great this show was. This OB is so good

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This was a lot of fun. Really like this venue

Bring back Halloween shows/runs please.

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Show smoked


This Dump City. Whole 2nd half of the 1st set is the business. All the covers are spot on. Good improv. What a great time!

I’ve been to just about every DC show since ‘06 and this definitely stands out among the best. 11/5/2010 might have the edge for me, but this show is right up there. Great poster, too.

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Still upset about missing this one tbh. We had tix for months and sold them. Had a fun trip across the country instead though.

Another Masthay? Poster that I’m not into. But I usually don’t like his prints. Have a handful and not one worth putting up.

One of my fav prints I dont have framed is an UM Masthay. Really need to get that shit framed lol.

This one is better then all the ones I have.

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