2019/08/15 - Jannus Live - St. Petersburg, FL

2019/08/15 - Jannus Live - St. Petersburg, FL

Set I: There’s No Crying in Mexico > Remind Me, Walletsworth, Turn & Run, Mulche’s Odyssey, Cemetery Walk > Cemetery Walk II

Set II: Plunger, Slacker [1] , Miami Virtue, Driven to Tears > Kimble

E: All In Time

[1] Mrs. Robinson’s Strut tease

Like 7/3, I also bought this show for Father’s Day. I really can’t find a weak spot in this show at all. Set 1 is just as good as it looks on paper. The Mexico > Remind Me opener is a helluva way to kick things off, though, but that might be my Remind Me bias (it’s my favorite amongst the newer UM songs). I’ll give a shout-out to the Mulche’s. While it won’t make a 2019 HOF by any means, I love the dub-ish jam going on before the classic Jake chug kicks things back into Mulche’s proper. It’s a well-done jam that resonated with me, although not HOF material. The Plunger is just simply OUTSTANDING. This is the best version I’ve heard in a long time, and it absolutely appeals to my metal tastes. The Virtue stands out to me as well. The metallic dance jam is really well executed. The DTT > Kimble is a nice way to end things. They’ve always done a great job covering DTT since they first started doing it, and even the Kimble is a fairly rockin’ version. The encore? How the hell do you go wrong with AIT in that slot? Definitely no “pussy-ass” encore going on here.

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Starting spinning this show on my way home last night. Was loving the Mulche’s jam this morning, especially what Joel was doing after the normal dub part. Beautiful stuff. Then chug chug, chug chug. Man, what a bummer. Should have done 5 more minutes of that jam before aborting.

Ironically, I love that Mulche’s jam, including the CHUG part after the dub jam.

Man I love Turn & Run. Can’t believe this tune has become so rare.

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One year bump!

This and Made to Measure are rare, unfortunately,

It was about this time of the night one year ago today that I was distracted from this awesome Plunger going on when I had to get help for this kid that kept collapsing next me. Seriously spaced on what was going on musically for a solid 15 minutes or so after.

Yeah. M2M I can kinda understand because Jake cannot sing it well anymore. Seems like they prefer Turn & Dub to T&R which…meh.